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Examples of what a donation will support:


  • (2) Buddy Packs - used by child abuse victims waiting to testify in court
  • 2 hours of domestic violence education
  • Educational supplies for a client relearning life skills necessary for independent living


  • A fact finding interview for a child abuse victim
  • An individual counseling session for a domestic violence survivor
  • School books/materials for a client trying to obtain their diploma or GED


  • A week of shelter for a domestic violence victim and their children
  • Two classrooms with child abuse prevention curriculum


  • One month of transitional housing for a homeless family
  • Training for a high risk youth in the "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens"

Financial Donations

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Honor or Memorial Gifts only:

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Tax Credit Information

COMTREA is a 501 c(3) nonprofit agency. All donations are tax deductable to the full extent provided by law. In addition, Missouri taxpayers who make a contribution of $100 or more to COMTREA's Children's Advocacy Center or A Safe Place Domestic Violence Shelter may receive up to 50% in tax credits. Call (636) 232-2317 for more information.

COMTREA gratefully accepts donations such as:

  • Computers to be used by counselors, adolescents, volunteers or residents in the shelter or other residential programs.
  • Money to a particular program or for general operations.
  • Toiletries, art products, crayons, coloring books, board games, sketch books, markers and personal hygiene products for women and their children who come to the shelter in the middle of the night to escape abuse; some items are also used by Keaton Center (an RCFII housing center for seriously mentally ill clients).
  • Green or flowering plants to make the surroundings pleasant for our clients.
  • Art work (especially non-religious motivational prints, family-oriented prints and original work) to improve surroundings and make people think about their lives.
  • Office supplies to assist us in record keeping: pens, pencils, 20lb paper, computer paper, staplers, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies for group homes and general programs.
  • Equipment to help the programs: vacuum cleaners, microwaves, desks and other office furniture (in excellent condition).
  • Trust funds and stocks to assure that treatment will be here in the future.
  • Property to expand the program, near Hillsboro.
  • Building donations near Farmington
  • Volunteer service to help clients, children, education & information, administration and solicitation.
  • Other, as you think beneficial.

When you make a donation, you can specify any of the programs above to benefit from your generosity, or you can make donations in general to benefit overall operations and day-to-day needs. Unfortunately, we do not currently have staff available to pick up donations, so please call us if you would like to drop off items. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations as applicable by tax law.

If you would like to donate to COMTREA:

  • Call (636) 232-2341 to make arrangements, or email Amy Rhodes with any questions.
  • Checks should be mailed to: COMTREA, Attn: Chief Finacial Officer, 227 East Main Street, Festus, MO 63028
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